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LRP Column - December 2016

Today, I want to take the time to introduce the new LRP AE Onroad Challenge race series in Italy. The long awaited LRP Gravit Monster Vision FPV is now also ready to be shipped in combination with the brand new LRP FPV Race Pack batteries.


LRP proudly announces these all new products ...

Included this time are: FPV-Race-Pack Series 90C/45C High Voltage, Audi Quattro Bodyshell Audi-Team, Rim Set Fiat 124 Abarth & Rally Tyre Set


The S10 Twister2 BL line as video!

Desire for Offroad with true steam under the hood? Then the S10 Twister models with Brushless drive system for uncompromising high-speed racing are the right choice! Experience now the complete line!


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