ANTIX by LRP - S8 Rebel BX3 - RTR 1/8 Nitro Buggy

The S8 Rebel BX is the perfect Nitro Offroad Buggy for beginners and hobbiests alike.

The fully assembled model in 1/8 scale is the first choice among Nitro RTR (Ready To Run) buggies thanks to its first-class performance and unbeatable price/performance ratio.
The development experience of the worldwide successful competition buggy S8 BXR evo served as the basis for the development of the S8 Rebel BX3 buggy.
For example, the S8 Rebel features a low-maintenance and efficient 4-wheel drive system with three oil-filled 4-spider differentials. Extra-hardened differential outputs and helical-toothed steel gears make the fully ball-bearing drivetrain extremely robust. Thanks to the two-part design of the gearbox housings, the differentials can be easily removed for maintenance or fine-tuning with various oils in no time at all.
Also adopted from the competition model is the fully adjustable suspension geometry with large-volume aluminium big bore dampers and the adjustable rear spoiler, through which the downforce can be adjusted. In conjunction with the waterproof and powerful 15kg servo with metal gears, the S8 Rebel BX3 offers best handling in the curves. On the straights the S8 Rebel impresses with its specially developed LRP ZR.21 Sport Pullstart motor with 2,28 hp and max. 29 000 rpm with unbelievable power and top speed which can be controlled by two ventilated brake discs at any time with maximum braking power and controllability. The motor is also race legal and starter box capable.

The ANTIX by LRP S8 Rebel BX3 is a race-ready entry-level nitro buggy with real competition genes at an entry-level price.



RRP: 379,90 EUR
(Recommended retail price)

Shop-price: 379,90 EUR
(Price incl. VAT, excl. shipping costs)

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  • Completely built and ready-to-run Offroad car
  • Funky airbrush body shell, pre-decalised
  • Extra robust, fully adjustable servosaver
  • Heavy-duty 3mm black anodized aluminium chassis. Countersunk screws on the chassis
  • Separate element proof battery and receiver box
  • Race-type LRP exhaust system
  • High-Quality LRP clutch
  • Komplett Kugelgelagert
  • Fully adjustable race suspension
  • Extra strong aluminium front suspension arm brace
  • 19.5mm big bore shocks with 4-hole shock pistons and heavy-duty 3.5mm shock shafts
  • Low maintenance and efficient universal drivetrain with 3 oil-filled 4-spider differentials and extra hardened differential outdrives
  • Zero-E-Clip design
  • Competition inspired design with maximum durability and low maintenance for everyday use
  • Competition fuel tank with new cap handle and exclusive fuel indicator. Sintered fuel filter included
  • Vented brake discs front and rear for maximum brake power and best brake feeling
  • Aluminium left and right steering knuckles
  • VTEC Kamikaze racing tyres for maximum traction

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