X22 Modified 13.0mm WorksTeam rotor

With the new X22 Works Team Modified rotors, the power of the X22 motor can be further tuned and optimized. Together with the racing team of LRP, these new rotors have undergone the toughest tests in competitions around the world.

The result is the new line of X22 Works Team Modified rotors with targeted improvements for a wide variety of tracks and requirements.

The selection has been extended to five versions with a diameter of 12.1mm - 13.0mm to offer the optimum tuning option for every application. A new finely balanced magnet on black original LRP shaft ensures the highest efficiency and performance of the X22 Modified motor.



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  • LRP's own shaft preparation for ultra consistent performance
  • Selected magnet material for highest temperture stability with consistant RPM and brake feel
  • Dual axis balanced rotor with blue anodized balancing rings for reliability and smoothest operation under high RPM
  • 1.2mm longer mounting surface for easy pinion mounting

Technical data

material Sintered neodymium, premium grade
Length 24.0mm
Inner diameter 5.0mm
Diameter 13.0mm
Type X22 Modified
Coating Nickel
Shaft reinforced steel, black