VTEC G32 Pre-Glued TC-Asphalt tires (4 pcs.)

The LRP VTEC G32 includes all the experience from previous generations of VTEC tires and has evolved to be the standard on the 1/10th scale TC tire market. Our VTEC tires stand out as they have not only been developed on the drawing board, but also been thoroughly tested by our team drivers on the race tracks worldwide.

The G32 rubber is made for Asphalt tracks with ambient temperatures up to 30°C.

The LRP VTEC G32 pre-glued wheel features a special insert that has a very tight production tolerance. Furthermore the air gap between the insert and the tire is optimized resulting in a consistent quality and overall performance. The white dish rims give an elegant race design and the proven durability you are used from our VTEC tires.

Of course, the LRP VTEC G32 pre-glued wheel is also legal in our Challenge race series.

One set consists of 4 pcs. pre-glued wheels incl. rim, insert and tire.

• Competition tire for ASPAHLT
• Know-how through years of experience in RC racing
• Optimized Air Gap and low variation
• G32: For the use at outdoor temperatures up to 30°C
• One set consists of 4 pcs. pre-glued wheels incl. rim, insert and tire

• Perfect for race series with controlled tires
• All tires are easily identifiable through the unique marking on the sidewall
• Optimized weight
• Low variation
• Proven VTEC Dish rims
• Pre-glued


Replacement: #65042

VTEC G34HT - Pre-Glued TC-Asphalt tires (4 pcs.)

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