USB Bridge Spec.2 - Speedo Firmware Update + PC-Link

The speed control software (firmware) of the following LRP speed controls can be updated quickly and easily:

  • LRP Flow WorksTeam
  • LRP Flow Competition
  • SXX Competition Version 2
  • LRP SXX TC spec Version 2
  • LRP SXX StockSpec Version 2
  • LRP Upgrade-Kit SXX & SXX Mod + Stock speed control
  • LRP Spin Super
  • LRP Spin Pro
  • LRP iX8 Brushless  + iX8 V2

The required software is for free and can be downloaded from the LRP homepage (
The device can be operated with Windows PCs or MAC computers.


Replacement: #500904

USB Bridge V3

to the replacement

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