Spin Pro Brushless Speed-Control

The Spin Pro offers all the features needed by competition beginners. More performance through ad-justable power modes and the adjustable autobrake function make the Spin Pro the perfect choice in hobby competition classes.

Like all Spin speed controls, the Spin Pro is equipped with a switching BEC and a power capacitor with lowest internal resistance for best performance. In addition, it is splashproof and features high-value power wires. The Spin Pro can be operated with 2S to 4S LiPo batteries and is sensored. Due to the completely new design, all components including the power capacitor and the on/off switch could be integrated into the housing. The software of the Spin speed controls can be updated with the LRP USB Bridge 2.




RRP: 79,90 EUR
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Shop-price: 79,90 EUR
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  • Worlds winning sensored brushless technology
  • Strong switching BEC - 6V / 2A
  • Multi protection system - fail safe
  • 3 LED user interface - for easiest handling
  • Heavy-duty design - fully integrated tough construction
  • Adjustable automatic brake - Easy adaption to different track types
  • Forward/brake/reverse + racing mode with forward/brake only
  • Easy single-touch operation
  • US-Style high-power battery connector
  • Dangerously powerful - LRP Worlds winning performance in an affordable package
  • “true stock racing“ - „Boost 0“ mode adjustable
  • 2S-4S LiPo (7.2 - 14.8V) - adjustable LiPo cut-off
  • Pluggable high performance fan - Simple installation and efficient cooling for low motorlimits

Technical data

Voltage input 7.2 - 14.8V (2S-4S LiPo)
Rated current 200A/phase
Typical voltage drop @20A 0.022V/phase
Recommended motor limit (2S 7.4V) over 5.5T
Recommended motor limit (3S 11.1V) over 9.5T
Recommended motor limit (4S 14.8V) over 12.5T
Dimensions 36 x 38.5 x22mm
Weight (without wires) 32g

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