Quadra Competition Charger V1

No matter, if R/C car, R/C flight or R/C boat batteries. Thanks to its extensive range of functions and a perfect user interface in English and German, this compact charger is ideally suited for every modelling area. Batteries of all current types can be quickly and easily charged or discharged with up to 10 amps. A storage charge mode is included as well. Due to the integrated power supply and a 12V input, the Quadra Competition V.1 with its 80W charge power is extremely multifunctional. The balancer connector for up to 6S batteries and the USB charge output make this charger the best choice. Quadra Competition V.1 – the perfect all-round charger with some really unique features.
Charge LiPo – LiFePo – LiIo – NiMH – NiCd - Pb
Fast charge from 0.1 to 10.0A: 1-14 cells (NiMH/NiCd) with adjustable Delta Peak detection, 1-6 cells (LiPo/LiFePo/LiIo/Pb) with automatic cut-off 
Discharge + Cycle
Discharge current from 0.1A to 5.0A and discharge cut-off voltage. Automatic cycling mode for perfect conditioning of your batteries 
USB Charge Output
5V/1A USB charge output, e.g. for mobile phones and MP3 players


Replacement: #41421EU

Pulsar Pro Charger

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  • All-round Usage - Great versatility for all R/C flight, car and boat battery types
  • USB interface - For future firmware updates and data downloads to PC
  • Plug in and charge - Includes all input (AC + DC) and output cables and connectors
  • Multi Protection System - 100% protection against output reverse polarity, short circuit, input voltage error and over charge
  • User Profile Memory - 5 factory pre-set profiles, fully customisable
  • Fully adjustable - Intuitive program structure allows precise adjustment of all parameters
  • Integrated Balancer - For LiPo/LiFePo/LiIo batteries, automatic adaption of the cell condition
  • Autostart-Timer and Storage Charge Mode
  • Blue backlit 16x2 LCD Display - Perfect user interface, easy access to all performance and safety data
  • Dual Power - Integrated power supply (AC 100-240V) + DC input (11-15V)
  • Optional temperature sensor available – To accurately measure the battery temperature

Technical data

Charge power max. 80W