Nitro Motor ZR.32X Spec.4.1 Competition

How do you improve an extremely good product even more? You let the experience and voices of the customer influence the design allowing the product to constantly evolve! We are proud to present the successor to the ZR.32X, which is especially popular with monster truck bashers.

The new Spec 4.1 has a new piston and connecting rod design, a competition-specific turbo combustion chamber with appropriate plugs and improved timing, the performance was further increased, especially in the medium speed range. With the new, thermally decoupled 3-needle carburetor, an even finer tuning of the fuel/air mixture is possible for a more efficient burn which results in slightly more power over Spec4. The included aluminum venturi inserts in 9.0/8.5/7.5mm make the tuning options perfect.

The ZR.32X Spec 4.1 engines come incl. a free LRP Turbo WT4 glow plug.

The Spec 4.1 was race tested by our own team driver as an assurance of real-world basher and racer’s application and tuning.



RRP: 199,99 EUR
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Shop-price: 199,99 EUR
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  • MASSIVE Big Block size - You cannot replace displacement with anything… but even more displacement!
  • New CoolDownMax cylinder head - Improved cooling and higher efficiency through new cooling fin arrangement
  • Universal fit - Fits all major .21 engine mounts
  • 7 + 1 Ports
  • Torque you can barely handle
  • Massive con rod - Extra reinforced con rod. Specially adjusted for .32 engines
  • XTEC T6 engine housing - Especially reinforced heavy duty engine housing for toughest offroad action
  • XTEC PowerCarb4 thermal protected 15S-3 needle Carb., 9.0, 8.5 and 7.5mm venturi inserts included

Technical data

Cubic capacity .32 (5.24ccm)
Bore 19.80mm
Hub 17.00mm
Power 4.69 HP
RPM 35.300 RPM
Number Channels 7 + 1 (7 x transfer-, 1 x exhaust-port)
Glow Plug Super Hot, Turbo style, LRP Turbo WT4 (#35145) included
Carburetor XTEC thermal protected PowerCarb4 15S-3 needle Carb., 9.0, 8.5 and 7.5mm venturi inserts included
Flight weight 350g
Class 1/8th Offroad Monster Trucks and Truggys
* Data depends on fuel used, exhaust system and setting.

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