LRP 2600 - Super Shorty P5 - 110C/55C - 7.4V LiPo - 1/10 Competition Car Line Hardcase

When it comes to Electric Offroad, the main factor for a battery is a perfect weight/power ratio. Batteries nowadays have enough power anyway for all Offroad classes, so it is much more important to have this power in a suitable package. This is the main philosophy behind the LRP LiPo Competition Car Line.

This Super Shorty battery is the lightest of all our batteries. It fits into standard 1/10th 2WD Offroad chassis and can be moved further forwards and backwards. The low weight will result in higher cornering speed and better jumping.

Type: P5
Perfect fit for: 2WD Modified
LRP Advantage: Lowest weight of all batteries, better jumping, most adjustable option.

WorksTeam tip:
Move to the front if you need more steering, move to the rear if you car has a loose rear end. Work with additional weights to reach the weight limit.




RRP: 14,99 EUR
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Shop-price: 14,99 EUR
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  • NEW P5 Technology
  • HDS-6 - Revolutionary High Density Stacking technology
  • 110C/55C LiPo power: No memory effect, extremely long lifetime
  • 3C Charge current: Safe and fast recharge
  • FREE 5mm Gold Works Team connectors included
  • FREE 5mm to 4mm Gold Works Team adapter included (limited time only)
  • Durable, see-through, hardcase made of high-quality synthetic material
  • 2mm gold coated balancing connector
  • LRP quality approved

Technical data

Length 69.0mm
Width 47.0mm
Height 25.1mm
Weight 134g
Capacity 2600mAh
Nominal voltage 7.4V
C-rate 110C/55C
Style Super Shorty P5