LiPo Flight Battery 1100 - 25C - 7.4V

By using a LRP LiPo tuning battery for your helicopter, you can enjoy a significantly extended time in the air. More flight fun is guaranteed. The new batteries are the right choice, no matter if you’re beginner or expert level pilot.
LRP’s LiPo helicopter batteries are made from specially selected high-value materials. Therefore, they feature a long lifetime and best reliability. Their key advantage is the higher capacity compared to standard batteries.


Replacement: #430047

LRP VTEC Expert Line 1500mAh - 2S1P - 7.4V - 30C LiPo SP

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Technical data

Dimensions 71.5 x 34 x 11.5mm
C-rate 25C
Capacity 1100
Model LRP SkyChopper
Balancing connector XHR
Voltage rating 7.4V
Configuration 2S1P