Flow X Logicboard (Offroad Version)

The Flow X Logicboard is a black PCB with the receiver wire and the switch wire soldered to it.

This board has a long (175mm) receiver wire.

We made the Flow X Logicboards available individually to offer the possibility to get your ESC repaired, instead of buying a complete new one.

A great way to fix a broken ESC by yourself: Take your ESC apart and check the boards. Usually damage at the Power Board is visual with solder appearing next to the Power FETs. With simple try and error you can determine which board is broken and get your ESC repaired.

Bring your Flow X back to working conditions at a much reduced cost.



RRP: 94,99 EUR
(Recommended retail price)

Shop-price: 94,99 EUR
(Price incl. VAT, excl. shipping costs)

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