NOSRAM HV Hyper LCG Modified Shorty Graphene-4.1 4200mAh Hardcase - 7.6V LiPo - 120C/60C

To release this battery we've spared no expense or effort to increase the often race-deciding capacity in 1/10 Offroad 4wd Mod and TC Mod carpet racing, while retaining the Hyper LCG design of just 18.5mm height for the lowest possible centre of gravity.

So how did we do it?

To maximise capacity while maintaining the 18.5mm height, the only option was to develop a new cell construction and invest in a completely new case to extend the battery by 4mm over its predecessor to full shorty length of 97mm.

A clear testament to NOSRAM's commitment to excellence!

Latest technology paired with proven High Voltage technology, 5mm gold connectors and our trademark black hardcase.

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Technical data

Cell chemistry LiPo HV
C-rate 120C/60C
Length 97.0mm
Width 47.0mm
Height 18.5mm
Weight 160g (+/-4%)
Connectors 5mm