NOSRAM HV Stock Spec GRAPHENE-4 7400mAh Hardcase battery - 7.6V LiPo - 135C/65C

If you are racing in the 1/10 TC Stock class on medium size Outdoor tracks, this is the battery for you!

If the G4 9400 HV Stock Spec battery (#999654) and the G4 8100 HV Stock Spec battery (#999656) are too heavy for your setup and you need to save battery-weight to improve your car balance, this is the battery for you, as it saves you ~30g!

A clear testament to NOSRAM's commitment to excellence!

Latest technology paired with proven High Voltage technology, 5mm gold connectors and our trademark black hardcase.

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Technical data

Cell chemistry LiPo HV
C-rate 135C/65C
Length 139.0mm
Width 47.0mm
Height 25.1mm
Weight 302g (+/-4%)
Connectors 5mm
Homologated ROAR, EFRA, BRCA