LRP Hall Sensor Level Converter - 200mm

Due to not standardized Hall sensor signals there are some motors which may not operate properly with the Flow X. This is because the Hall sensors of these motors raise the signals to a higher level than the Flow X can handle properly.

When connecting such a motor to the Flow X, its start-up sequence may be interrupted and cannot be completed properly, resulting in faulty behavior of the ESC such as:
- ESC does not respond to throttle input at all
- Blue LED freezes (solid ON)
- Pushing SET or MODE button is confirmed with green LED but you cannot enter transmitter setup or Mode programming.
- No Motor Drive

To solve this problem the Hall Sensor Level Converter lowers the Hall sensor signals of problematic motors to a level which the Flow X can handle properly.

Please note that this is the only functionality of the Hall Sensor Level Converter.There is no other advantage or disadvantage, there is no performance increase whatsoever.

We suggest to proceed as follows:
1. Use your desired motor with the Flow X with a regular Hall sensor wire. If the motor performs properly, continue to use the regular Hall sensor wire.
2. Only if your desired motor doesn’t perform properly with the Flow X with a regular Hall sensor wire, use the Hall Sensor Level Converter.



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