4500 - 80C/40C - 11.1V LiPo - 1/10 Competition Car Line Hardcase

A new VTEC Competition Car Line 3S battery is ready. It features higher C-rate for more power and higher capacity for longer run times. This is achieved through the use of even better, thinner and more efficient cells. Latest materials and an optimised electrolyte make the high-end battery ready for the use in 1/10 onroad and offroad cars.


Replacement: #430407

ANTIX by LRP 4600 GRAPHENE - 11.4V LiHV - 45C LiPo Car Hardcase

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  • 40C/80C Lipo power: No memory effect, extremely long lifetime
  • Integrated Sub-C bulges: Sub-C bulges at bottom side make battery fit all cell cutout chassis and standard-stickpack size battery holders
  • High Density Stacking technology: Extremely high voltage due to new electrolyte composition and special High Density Stacking (HDS) - technology
  • Gold coated connectors connectable from both sides: For lowest contact resistance
  • See-through Hardcase: Durable hardcase made of high-quality synthetic material for maximum safety
  • LRP quality approved - Tested LRP quality, e.g. endurance-tested over 400 continuous charge and discharge cycles

Technical data

C-rate 40C/80C
Length 139mm
Style 6-cell SubC stickpack
Connector 4mm gold connector
Capacity 4500
Balancing connector EHR
Width 47mm
Height 25.1mm
Nominal voltage 11.1V - 3S
Cell bulges Yes
Application 1/10 onroad and offroad cars