LRP HV Stock Spec Shorty GRAPHENE-4 4900mAh Hardcase battery - 7.6V LiPo - 135C/65C

The lowest Internal Resistance (IR) Shorty Battery we are able to do!

This very popular HV Stock Spec Shorty Battery was used achieving great success:

Daniel Chevaz is the ROAR National Offroad Carpet Champion (2023) in 2wd 17.5T Stock and 4wd 13.5T Stock.

Martin Bayer is the Florida Carpet Champion (2023) in 2wd 17.5T Stock and 4wd 13.5T Stock with TQ and Win.

A clear testament to LRP´s commitment to excellence!

Latest technology paired with proven High Voltage technology, 5mm gold connectors and our trademark blue seethrough hardcase.

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Technical data

Cell chemistry LiPo HV
C-rate 135C/65C
Length 97.0mm
Width 47.0mm
Height 25.1mm
Weight 210g (+/-4%)
Connectors 5mm
Homologated ROAR, EFRA, BRCA