ANTIX by LRP 4100 - 11.1V - 50C LiPo Car Hardcase - XT90 Plug

LiPo power at a budget price from LRP.

This LiPo battery in a rectangular hard case is 139 mm long (W: 47.0 mm, H: 25.0 mm) and has an angled, off-centre cable outlet protected by a rubber grommet to prevent the cables from colliding with the battery holder and allow them to be easily routed out of the battery compartment at an angle of 0° - 90°.

The 50C high-performance batteries are available with all common connectors and an XH balancer connection.

If you want to get the best out of your car, then this is the battery for you!

!! Play Hard - Bash Hard !!



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Technical data

Voltage 11.1V
C-rate 50C
Style Hardcase
Connector XT90
Balancing connector XH
Length 138.00mm
Width 46.00mm
Height 25.00mm
Weight ~348g
Capacity 4100 mAh