ANTIX by LRP 4100 - 7.4V - 50C LiPo Car Stickpack Hardcase - XT90 Plug

LiPo power at a budget price from ANTIX by LRP.

These RC car LiPos are ideal for hobby and amateur drivers looking for power and durability at a budget price.

The special "stickpack" shape is based on the NiMh packs for which many chassis were designed. 
Also for the new release of vintage models you get perfectly fitting batteries of the latest technology with 134mm length and additionally slightly offset cable exit, so the battery posts of your chassis do not get in the way. 
Equipped with a robust hard case, these 2S LiPo batteries are suitable for tough On- and Offroad use.

The 50C packs are available with Tamiya, T-Plug, EC5 or X90 Anti Spark connectors. 
An XH connector is used as the balancer connection. 

The perfect batteries for all those who want to have fun in their spare time and are mindful of their budget ... or are looking for a perfect and inexpensive tuning for their RTR model.



RRP: 32,99 EUR
(Recommended retail price)

Shop-price: 32,99 EUR
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  • Best value for money
  • XH-Balancer-Connector
  • High-Power LiPo Packs
  • Perfect tuning option for your RTR car
  • Durable hardcase made of high-quality synthetic material for maximum safety

Technical data

Nominal voltage 7.4V
C-rate 50C
Style Stickpack Hardcase
Connector XT90
Balancing connector XH
Length 134.0mm
Width 46.0mm
Height 24.0mm
Weight ~210g
Capacity 3100mAh