P5 1/8 Offroad Stock Spec GRAPHENE-2 6600mAh Hardcase battery - 14.8V LiPo - 120C/60C

We are pleased to present our new LiPo Competition Car Line battery line-up for 2018!

Our current Competition Car Line batteries are very popular amongst racers and are used around the world in many competition classes with great success. At the same time, they have gained a high level of acceptance and appreciation amongst the scene’s best drivers – LRP batteries were the most used brand and at the IFMAR TC World Championship and got World Champion in the hands of Ronald Völker.

With the new 2018 generation, battery technology gets a further boost. With Graphene-2 cells, we introduce the next step in Graphene development, resulting in more power and optimized weight!

Graphene-2 lowers the internal resistance which leads to less heat build-up under load. This guarantees maximum performance over the complete duration of a race.

The P5 5mm Gold Contact Connector System results in a reduced resistance due to a larger contact surface.

The P5 1/8 Offroad Stock Spec GRAPHENE-2 6600mAh Hardcase battery - 14.8V LiPo - 120C/60C stands out with:


You can find the complete Competition Car Line batteries HERE!



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  • GRAPHENE-2 cells - The next step in Graphene development! MORE POWER – WEIGHT OPTIMIZED!
  • High Voltage Technologie - Max Power HV-LiPo cells!
  • Improved Lifetime - Significantly improved lifetime when charged to 4.20V/cell!
  • IFMAR World Champion Batteries
  • Stock Spec - Specially developed for the stock clase, higher voltage output for maximum acceleration and maximum speed.
  • HV-LiPo cells - Can be charged up to 4.35V/cell
  • 3C charge current - extremely fast yet safe to recharge
  • Complying with the rules of the following federations and race series: IFMAR, EFRA, ROAR, JMRCA, BRCA, DMC, and more
  • 120C/60C LiPo Power. No memory effect, extremely long lifetime.
  • Durable, see-through, hardcase made of high-quality synthetic material
  • LRP quality approved - Tested LRP quality, e.g. endurance-tested over 400 continuous charge and discharge cycles

Technical data

Length 138.0mm
Width 47.0mm
Height 48.0mm
Weight 624g
Capacity 6600mAh
Nominal voltage 14.8V
C-rate 120C/60C
Style P5