S10 Twister 2 SC-Truck Brushless 2.4Ghz RTR - 1/10 Electric 2WD SC Truck

The LRP S10 Twister 2 SC-Truck is a first-class rear wheel driven 2WD offroad car. A chassis that has been especially adapted to the needs of a 2WD model is the basis of this robust RC short course model. Features like encapsulated gear, slipper clutch, drive train with ball bearings and fully adjustable suspension geometry give proof of its exclusive competition genes.  
Centrepiece of the S10 Twister 2 SC-Truck is its special drive making the car ready for uncompromising high-speed racing. LRP Vector K7 brushless motor and LRP Spin Pro RTR brushless speed control push the model to enormous power and unbelievable top speed. The electronics equipment is completely splashproof.  
Perfect traction on every surface is ensured by the SC-Truck tyres and the large-dimensioned suspension. The look of this short course truck is rounded out by the rear bumper with true to the original rubber mud flaps and a realistic SC body shell.
* Up to 55km/h with optional LRP LiPo Hyper Pack 4800 #430216 and RTR specification


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  • LRP Vector K7 8.5T 4300kV brushless motor (splashproof)
  • LRP Spin Pro RTR brushless speed control (splashproof)
  • Tuning metal gear included - Metal gear differential and metal gear drivetrain
  • Powerful high-precision steering servo - 4.5 kg high-torque (splashproof)
  • Heavy-duty steel drive shafts - Drive shafts made of steel for maximum power and durability
  • Splashproof receiver box
  • Adjustable turnbuckles
  • Super strong front and side impact bumpers for maximum chassis protection
  • Blue anodized aluminium rear suspension arm holder
  • Anodized aluminium front suspension arm holder
  • 4 piece oil-filled shocks for best shock absorbtion on every surface
  • RTR (Ready-to-run)
  • Completely built with ball bearings
  • Sealed gear box for best protection of the transmission and a composite motor guard
  • Fully adjustable torque controlling racing slipper for best acceleration on any surface
  • Easy access battery compartment prepared for the use with LiPo and NiMH batteries
  • Adjustable all terrain race suspension
  • Low maintenance and super efficient drivetrain
  • Composite gear cover with best slipper accessibility
  • High-grip Short Course tyres for maximum traction and speed
  • Stylish body shell in airbrush design
  • Composite tub chassis for best protection of the electronic components, perfect weight distribution and easy maintenance
  • 2WD Electric Offroad Short Course Truck 1/10
  • Spare Parts Available
  • Robust rear bumper with cool and realistic looking rubber mud flaps

Technical data

Length 530mm
Height 193mm
Wheelbase 334mm
Width 292mm
Top speed* 55km/h

Spare parts
Tuning parts