We are back!

After two long months, we are back online today! With new low prices in many categories.

After two long months offline, during which the new Lautenbach Racing Products GmbH had to be set up and arranged, we can now put the German and English website back online (Spanish and Italian will follow next week). With at first still limited order function but with the full overview of all articles which we carry in the new enterprise.

In general, we will be going "back to the roots" again in the future. That means less toys, more RC Racing products for advanced racers and those who want to become one.

New, razor-sharp prices for you!
Would you like a few examples of our new recommended retail prices?

All FlowX speed controllers are now 159,-€ instead of 219,-/229,-€ before
The LRP soldering station now costs 189,-€ instead of 249,-€
The tyre prices for the LRP Offroad Challenge and also the touring car tyres were significantly reduced.
Nitro engines, glow plugs and our Nitro accessories are now also much cheaper.

And last but not least, check out the prices of our RTR cars.
The Clubracer for 49,99€ for example is only a great example that shows where the journey goes.

Just click through our product categories and see what's in it for you.
Our products are still available in specialist shops and will soon be available again in our webshop.

We thank you for your patience and look forward to providing you with great RC products in the future as well.

In this sense.......BIB!