New LRP iX8 V2 Team Software V2.7

The all new software v2.7 for LRP‘s iX8 V2 puts the pedal to the metal!

More bottom and mid-range punch will allow you to clear that difficult double-triple jump without trouble, and higher top speed will give you the advantage on the straight to leave your opponents in the dust!


Initial Drive Mode has been enhanced to allow for an overall higher maximum of 30% while giving an extended range of seven possible values. Power Profile Mode has been expanded by two additional values for even more aggressive throttle response and overall power. Finally, v2.7 comes with new factory settings, selected to ensure optimal universal performance.

To achieve the best results, experiment with the extended setting options and adjust them based on your driving style and individual racing conditions. Higher Initial Drive and Power Profile settings are best suited for an aggressive style and high traction, while lower settings work well on low grip and result in a smoother feel.


You can find the new firmware as always on the product page under SERVICE, in the software updates section in the service menu or directly here:

V2.7 - update firmware iX8 V2 
20.10.2017 / 2 MB / ZIP


We also provide you with the setup sheet for the new software:

iX8 V2 - Blank Setup Sheet