!! NEW - G4.1 5100 HV Ultra LCG Stock Spec Battery #432277 - NEW !!


For the first time, Stock Spec battery technology is available in Ultra LCG heights for 1/10 Touring Cars!

Our worldwide WorksTeam has put a lot of development work into this project to bring you the all-new G4.1 5100 HV Ultra LCG Stock Spec battery!

The G4 6100 Stock Spec (#431281 / 22.5mm height) was the most popular battery in our range last season for TC Stock indoor carpet racing or on tight asphalt tracks.

The new G4.1 5100 Stock Spec battery offers an Ultra LCG design with only 20.0mm height for a lower centre of gravity, lighter weight and therefore improved handling.

Intensive testing has shown that the new #432277 battery offers an advantage in TC Stock indoor racing with handout motors. With powerful 13.5 turn EFRA Stock motors like the X22 Stock Spec Timeable, this new battery offers better handling, but the 6100 (#431281) may have more power. Which battery has the upper hand will depend on track conditions.

This new battery is further proof of LRP's commitment to excellence!

Latest technology paired with proven high voltage technology, 5 mm gold connectors and our brand typical blue transparent hard case.

Available in time for the upcoming carpet season!

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