!! NEW - LRP Pit Towel Star WT (100x70cm) #63544 - NEW !!


The new Star WT LRP Pit Towel (100x70cm) is out now!

Finally the towel matching the latest shirt design is available!

As you have noticed with our new LRP Star T-shirts, there is a heritage behind our star design. We have now extended this heritage to our new Pit Towel.

The signature rich blue towel is designed with dual use in mind. You can use it as a wrench pad or as a towel when swimming.

And so here it is, the new LRP Star Towel!

#63544 LRP Pit Towel Star WT (100 x 70cm)
For more information on the new LRP Star Towel and on the history of the Star at LRP klick here

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