!! NEW • GRAPHENE-4.1 6200 HV Stock Spec Shorty Battery • NEW !!


The highest capacity Shorty Battery we are able to do!

The GRAPHENE-4.1 6200 HV Stock Spec Shorty Hardcase Battery - 7.6V LiPo - 135C/65C #432285 is out now!

If you are racing in the Stock class and aim to run high in the discharge curve, this is the battery for you! Also ideal for longer runtime modified racing, e.g. the German federation runs 7 min Offroad heats.

The new 6200 (#432285) battery is effectively the very popular 5900 (#431285) with increased capacity!

A clear testament to LRP's commitment to excellence!

Latest technology paired with proven High Voltage technology, 5mm gold connectors and our trademark blue seethrough hardcase.

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