LRP Power Setup Sheets!

To help you getting the best out of your LRP gear, we have cleaned up our Setup Sheet section on our website and implemented some great, new features!

you will now find the latest setup sheets for our competition products Flow X, iX8 V2 and the corresponding X22 Mod/Stock and X44 motors.

Listed at the top you find Editable Blank Setup Sheets for your personal setup documentation.
Below the blank sheets you find the latest Setup Sheets we puplish, newest always at the top.

With the search function in this section (right side at PC, bottom on the mobile phone) you can select Setup Sheets by software version, motor, part number, track, surface or driver name and narrow down the listed Setup Sheets to your personal needs.

As a new project we have taken the setup sheet information into the Nitro categorie with a setup sheet for our ZZ.21C Nitro Engine !!!

We will provide you the latest setup sheets step by step now.