LRP Column - July 2017

In this column, I will be talking about our new entry level Pulsar Sport charger and give you the reasoning behind the three models our Flow X line.
LRP Pulsar Sport Charger

When we started developing the Pulsar Sport, we took the Pulsar Pro charger that received much praise at that time as model for our entry level Pulsar Sport charger. The aim was to give our customers an easy to use charger at an absolute budget price that can do everything that you will need in terms of battery management.

The Pulsar Sport has a LIHV mode on board that makes charging the currently highly sought after HV LiPo battery packs with up to 8.7V (2S) child’s play. The perfect match is our LRP high-end P5-HV GRAPHENE battery line or, if you are looking more at a budget price, the newly released Antix by LRP GRAPHENE LIHV battery line offers great value for money.

The integrated power supply allows you to directly connect it either to an AC wall socket or to DC sources like car batteries. You don’t need a separate power supply anymore. This feature in combination with its small size makes it the perfect companion for all of you who travel a lot with their RC equipment or who just who just don’t have too much space available for their equipment.

Like with all current LRP chargers, the Pulsar Sport also offers a USB charge port (5V/1.0A) that is suitable for smartphones and MP3 players. All in all, the Pulsar Sport offers everything in a charger that most of you will ever need - at a really great price.

Flow X Series

Our high-end 1/10 competition speed control series Flow X is currently available in three different versions as TC Spec, Stock Spec and Offroad. Today, I want to take some time to give you some insights into why we decided to offer three different versions of Flow X.

From our experience with our previous racing speed controllers, we came to the conclusion that the majority of our customers prefer tailor-made speed controls for their purposes. This means the correct software should already be pre-installed and hardware adjustments like cable length should also be taken care of.

We even heard from time to time that some customers didn’t even know that there were different software versions for specific purposes that are available on for free. Therefore we decided to make it as easy as possible for you with offering three specifically tailored versions of the Flow X.

The first version is thec Flow X TC Spec. It comes pre-installed with the IFMAR Worlds winning v4.1 software that offers a smoother driving feel with maximum output and consistently strong brakes. The timing parameters were also completely revised and now feature exceptional improvements in terms of power delivery. In terms of hardware, the TC Spec version comes with a cooling fan, the needed screws and the cable length has been adjusted to the requirements in touring car racing.

Our Flow X Stock Spec version has the new v5.1 software on board. This software features the Initial Drive Feel Compensation (IDFC) that has been specifically development for stock races. This feature maximizes the comfort of initial drive feel over the whole race. It will help you to match the same power feeling over the whole race. You can either select no compensation or adjust more IDFC to match your desired feeling on throttle after the motor gets hotter and the battery weaker. The Stock Spec version exhibits longer cables to cater for both, Onroad and Offroad Stock classes and comes without cooling fan as these usually aren’t needed there.

Our last version is the Flow X Offroad that comes with the new v3.1 software. The new timing parameters make it even more drivable and smooth in terms of power delivery while at the same time reaching even higher top speeds at any track. But that isn’t all, as our specialty, the 4 different brakes have been paired with the unique Ramp feature to match all different surfaces and driving styles. Cooling fan screws are already included to mount an optional cooling fan, if needed.

Of course all versions can be updated with the shortly available Flow X USB Bridge. Then you can also install all other software versions on each Flow X speedo. I hope this explanation will give you some insight into the sought process behind our decision for 3 different Flow X types.