LRP Column / December 2015

In this column, I want to tell you about our new RC brand ANTIX by LRP that hopefully will rough up the scene a bit. R&D has finished its work on the Deep Blue Hydro 330 2.4GHz High-Speed Racing Boat and the LRP event team was headed to the Faszination Modellbau Friedrichshafen.

You might have already discovered something new in the shelves of your local hobby shop or in the offerings of your favourite web shop. We proudly introduce our new RC brand ANTIX by LRP. ANTIX by LRP offers a great price-performance ratio – ideal for the small purse and the proper leisure time fun. Our products with the new logo profit from the high LRP standards, but come with a much more attractive pricing.

We will start off with the completely new budget LiPo line for RC beginners and hobby drivers. These LiPo packs are suited for all drivers looking for high power at an affordable price. The line includes 2S, 3S and 4S batteries, featured in a robust hardcase, making them perfect power sources for Onroad and Offroad applications.

The packs are equipped with an US-style connector. They are ready for a 45C load. The right choice for everybody who doesn’t want to race complying with the official federations’ rules, but just wants to have fun.

LRP Deep Blue Hydro 330 2.4GHz High-Speed Racing Boat
Our aim was to design the most user-friendly beginner boat with the most easy to handle drivability that our engineers could possibly build into a boat. Even first time boat captains should be able to handle this little boat without the fear of loosing control.

The LRP Deep Blue 330 Hydro already contains a LiPo battery and LiPo USB-charger, guaranteeing impressive power and speed at a very reasonable price. The LiPo ensures more power throughout the runtime compared to a NiMH battery pack where the power tends to drop off towards the end of the run. You need to see the boat in the water. It has a quite unique look that is awesome in the water, almost like one of the formula 1 speed boats. If you watch it go full speed, it looks incredibly fast and agile (Have a look at the video with the QR code). Due to the very quick acceleration to its top speed, it is also suitable for small ponds and swimming pools where you can even have great duels with your friends as the transmitter works with the 2.4GHz frequency.

This boat is also unsinkable when the hull is properly closed and has the safety system for the propeller included like all the other Deep Blue boats and also exhibits a battery warning system, enabling you to reach the shore before the battery runs dry. We will start with the already well-known blue/white/red colour design, but there will come other great design version later as well.

LRP at the Faszination Modellbau FriedrichshafenFor our LRP event team, it was time to for the year’s last large consumer hobby show in Germany. As always, the Faszination Modellbau Friedrichshafen in southern Germany had great attendance throughout the three days. Once again, as you might be used to by now our booth also contained the LRP test track with 120m². The design with the black carpet und white markings in contrast to the blue wooden boards looked absolutely cool. The event team did split the available time on the track between cool action shows with our latest models and time slots where all visitors were given the chance to test drive selected models by themselves. The crew told me afterwards that they had about 200 test drivers per day. I think that’s really an impressive number.

Before the fair, we had already informed our local shops at the fair, which products we would feature in our action show. But still, some of the models were already sold out after only the second day. This goes to prove that the action show is extremely popular and ignites the fire to drive those cars yourself!