Flow X - Setup Sheets - online now!

From now on you can download and use the Flow X Setup Sheets for v3.1/v3.2 - v4.1/v4.2 - v5.1/v5.2

Note what works! With the new setup sheets you can keep your controller setups for all areas of application and tracks. Simply print out the sheets or fill everything directly on the screen. This is easily possible with the official Adobe Acrobat Reader app from your appstore also on your smartphone or tablet.

You can find the current sheets for all versions on lrp.cc:

- Under Service -> Setup Sheets
- In the service tab on the respective product page
- or right here:

v3.1 / v3.2 - Blank sheet

v4.1 / v4.2 - Blank sheet

v5.1 / v5.2 - Blank sheet


At www.lrp.cc/flowx we will gradually provide filled-up setup sheets from our WorksTeam drivers.