Florida Carpet Championships - 2021

A great weekend from 19-21/11/2021 for LRP at the first race in the USA in a long time.

What a weekend for Team LRP at the Florida Carpet Championships
WIN&TQ in 4WD for Michal Orlowski
2nd in 2WD for Broc Champlin RC

Michal and Broc put in impressive performances with their LRP powered Schumacher cars.
Michal in addition finished 5th in 2WD and Broc 9th in 4WD, a great result in this world class field.
We all at LRP are super excited (and a bit proud) with these results at our first factory appearance to the States after quite some time.

Thanks to Michal and Broc for their brilliant driving, to Tristram Neal of Schumachers for all his hard work at this event and to everybody back at the LRP factory to make this happen.
Many thanks also to the crew at Beachline Raceway for putting on such a great race on this fantastic track.

Last but not least we would like to thank all of you who had followed, liked, commented and cheered us on. Your support means a ton - thank you.

#BlueIsBetter  #LRP