EFRA 1/18 - European Championship 2017 -Eskilstuna / Sweden

After a hard fought battle...EFRA 1/8 Off-Road Vice Champion & Junior Champion for Davide Ongaro with his Team Associated RC8B3.1 at the Euros!

Thank you and well done goes to the whole LRP team present...Neil Cragg, Carsten Keller, Jorge Soler, Jaime Clancy and so on....we had great fun and the Vice European Champion title would not have been possible without all of you.

It was a tricky event with many ups and downs. The hard track made it difficult for the drivers, the changing weather conditions made it difficult to find the perfect engine setup. But in the end we suceeded and finished on the podium.

It was also a great week for AKA having 4 out of 13 drivers in the main final incl. the new European Champion Robert Battle and 2nd place driver Davide Ongaro.

JConcepts showed a strong performance as well with David Ronnefalk in 3rd place and having 2 drivers in the main final.

Davide used the LRP ZZ.21C SQ engine with an optional big head (soon to be available) and the LRP Screamer-93 pipe. He used a 7mm insert and a LRP WT3 plug.