AKA tyres - now exclusively at LRP!

Within the next couple of days, the range of high-class offroad tyres being available at LRP is enriched by a well-known brand: LRP is proud to announce that AKA has chosen LRP as their exclusive distributor for Germany, Austria and Italy.

With already having tyres for many classes & drivers’ needs, LRP can now offer the famous, World Championships winning AKA tyres in Germany, Austria and Italy. This great news further strengthens LRP’s presence in Central Europe, when it comes to competition accessories and racing products – in this case: tyres!

AKA products stand for world class tyres and associated products that are created by World Champions. The 3 men behind the brand are Joel Johnson, Gil Losi, Jr. and Mark Pavidis. Together they are among the most winning and recognized names in RC history with many World Championship titles under their belt.

Over the past decade, Gil and Mark have been designing and producing highest quality offroad tyres for all types of vehicles. All their tyres are made in the USA to ensure best quality, consistency and value for their customers.

AKA products can be ordered at LRP shortly. AKA and LRP will do their utmost to make AKA products available in Germany, Austria and Italy as soon as possible!

Welcome AKA to “Blue is Better”!