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DHI-Cup also season opener in 2012!

The traditional take-off in Denmark to the 1/10 Electric Touring Car season remains in the RC schedule. The race will continue in 2012 and the following years as usual. A must in the calendar for each RC racer!

Rumours about the season opening race had already appeared in the RC scene. These rumours can now be put to rest. The largest and most popular Scandinavian indoor-race in Odense/Denmark will also be held in 2012. The history of the DHI-Cup will continue thanks to the significantly enlarged contribution by Prime Sponsor LRP. The date for the 12th edition has already been set for the 06 - 08 January 2012.

Starting from the humble beginnings, the DHI Cup has advanced to an impressive major RC event level. The event had gained much prestige over the last years. Just like the LRP TCM, it was able to attract the stars of the RC scene – often with more than 150 starters. For all international greats a must be!

The long history of the DHI Cup saw many different champions. Often the decision came down to the last A-Main. Nobody was prepared to even give up the least bit of ground at the yearly season opener. This guaranteed thrilling action until the end.

The DHI-Cup Champions from 2005-2011





Ronald Völker / GER

Martin Lissau / DK


Ronald Völker / GER

Alexander Stocker / GER


Marc Rheinard / GER

Tommy Bergfeldt / SWE


Victor Wilck / SWE

Jimmy Maddison / GB


Ronald Völker / GER

Bastian Henning / GER


Marc Rheinard / GER

Lars Hoppe / GER


Atsushi Hara / JPN

Martin Lissau / DK

In 2012’s edition, LRP’s VTEC CPX tyres will be the handout tyres for all classes while the LRP Vector X12 motor will be prescribed in the Open Stock class.

Come visit us at the DHI-Cup 2012!
Prebook – 06-08 January 2012 in Odense/Denmark!