Heavy-Duty großer Zylinderkopf inkl. Schrauben - ZZ.21C Ceramic Square Stroke

Tuning-Cylinder head for our 32123 ZZ.21C Ceramic Square Stroke engine.

This new, optional cylinder head has a larger cooling area which helps the engine to stay cool under extreme hot weather conditions.

The head is a direct fit for the #32123 ZZ.21C Ceramic SQ engine. No further modification needed. Simply unscrew the 4 engine head screws and mount the new head. Be sure, to re-tighten the 4 engine head screws crosswise to eliminate any possibility of warping.

This item includes the cylinder head and 4 pcs. mounting screws.





RRP: 79,99 Euro
(Prezzo di listino consigliato)

Prezzo-Shop: 79,99 Euro
(Prezzo IVA incl., escl. Spese di spedizione)

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