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LRP F-1800 SkyStream Airplane ARF

The electric sailplane for beginners, advanced pilots and pros.
Art. no.: 210502

Ascend with the LRP F-1800 SkyStream. The EPO foam model has a wing span of 1800mm. Therefore, it features an extremely easy handling, enjoyable flight characteristics and perfect gliding characteristics. Due to a 3S brushless drive set with folding propeller, you can quickly reach your favourite height to perform spicy manoeuvres.  
Due to the use of super reliable EPO material, the model is lightweight and almost crash-resistant. For best possible protection of all sensitive components, the SkyStream features a reinforced motor mount and a design with T-tail. The F-1800 SkyStream is available as RTF, ARF or Kit set. Depending on the version you choose, the model is equipped with brushless motor, speed control, four servos and a 2.4GHz radio set. The Direct Linkage System (DLS) translates all commands exactly due to precise and backlash-free direct-linkage of all rudders. This results in an outstanding handling and a fantastic flight silhouette. For an uncomplicated transport of the airplane, the wings and the tail unit of the SkyStream can be disassembled. The F-1800 SkyStream fulfils all demands you could have, when it comes to an easy to fly and fun electric sailplane.

The ARF-set includes:
• LRP brushless motor 1200kV
• LRP 20A 2-3S BEC BL speed control
• LRP 9g high-quality servos



  • Easy to fly - Perfect for beginners, returners and pros
  • Brushless drive set - Already built-in brushless motor and speed control for power in any situation
  • Direct Linkage System - Exact translation of the commands due to precise and backlash-free direct-linkage of all rudders
  • Crash resistant design - Nearly indestructible EPO foam material, pusher motor and a very robust design
  • 3S optimized - Suitable for 3S LiPo batteries
  • Reinforced motor mount - Reduces the torsion of the fuselage and motor noise
  • Canopy quick release fastener with magnets - Easy to mount, secure cabin position, fast battery exchange
  • Pre-mounted servos - All servos are already mounted and ready to use
  • Airfoiled T-tail surface - Better flight and glide charac-teristics as well as protected tailplane when landing
  • Folding propeller - Reduced aerodynamic drag while motor is switched off
  • Long flight time - for maximum fun
Weight 900g
Length 1080mm
Motor Brushless 55g, 1200kv
Span 1800mm
Speed control 20A
Steering functions Motor, elevator, rudder, aileron