Race2theWorlds – Kevin Pignotti profits from wild card!

Attending the IFMAR TC Worlds as a driver! This dream came true for Kevin. LRP was his electronics partner with Flow speedo, X20 motor and LiPo 6900 battery.

It was a long and rocky way, but in the end Kevin Pignotti won the Race2theWorlds against thousands of competitors. Kevin secured the only wild card for the 2012 IFMAR Touring Car Worlds in the Netherlands. Therefore, he was enabled to compete with the best drivers in the World. After four days of thrilling R/C action, Jilles Groskamp took the title ahead of Atsushi Hara and Ronald Völker.
The event went surprisingly well for Kevin. He didn’t have to stand back in the field of all the great drivers. The young Italian convinced already during qualifying with his fast driving, outperforming also some of the established touring car specialists. Unfortunately, also Kevin was affected by the questionable circumstances in Q5 and Q6 (valuation respectively non-valuation of the results due to the differing weather conditions). Despite his very good times in Q1 & Q2, Kevin had to settle with the G-Final due to the bad result in Q6.
Nevertheless, Kevin entered the final in a good mood and great shape. Powered by LRP Vector X20 motor, LRP Flow speed control and LRP LiPo 6900 battery, the young Italian was able to confirm his best time from the online competition in real life. Doing 18 laps in 5:11.414 minutes, Kevin was nearly as fast as online. With a third place and a fourth place to count, Kevin secured position 64 in the overall Worlds ranking. A great result in a field of 131 drivers. Taking into account that Kevin is running 1/8 standard nitro in Italy, his performance impresses even more.
Kevin was powered by the same electronics equipment as LRP team driver Ronald Völker in the Netherlands. He could also profit from the qualified “Blue is Better” team support.
LRP as electronics partner equipped Kevin Pignotti’s car with the LRP Vector X20 motor, the all new LRP Flow WorksTeam speed control and the LRP LiPo Competition Car Line 6900 battery. In addition, he was serviced by the LRP team support headed by Reto König. So, Kevin got the same support as the LRP team drivers at the 2012 IFMAR Worlds in Heemstede. To the joy of everyone involved, Kevin converted this great support into his surprisingly good placement in the ranking of the toughest race of the world.

Congratulations, Kevin! Well done!

The LRP equipment used by Kevin Pignotti

 Order No.



 LRP Flow WorksTeam Brushless Speed Control 


 LRP Vector X20 Brushless Modified 4.5T


 LRP LiPo Competition Car Line Hardcase 6900 - 50C/100C - 7.4V


 LRP Pulsar Touch Competition