LRP Brushless top at the EFRA 1/10 2WD EC 2012!

LRP SXX V2 and Vector X20 were the dominating choice in the 2WD A-Main in Fehring/Austria. LRP team driver Neill Cragg finished 3rd. In the 4WD competition, Hupo Hönigl even finished 2nd with LRP.

Blue is better was clearly the most popular choice in the A-Main of the 1/10 2WD European Championships. The LRP SXX V2 was used by 4 drivers and the LRP Vector X20 8.5T by a total of 3. Best LRP team driver at this weekend on the track in Fehring/Austria, where usually 1/8 races take part, was Neil Cragg from Great Britain. He was able to improve from qualification position 6 to overall third in the final ranking. Second position in A-Main 1 and third in A-Main 3 made the podium position perfect. Old and new Champion became Lee Martin ahead of David Ronnefalk.

Also successful with LRP were Peter Pinisch and Hupo Hönigl. The two Austrians used the LRP Vector X20 8.5T and LRP SXX V2 Competition but also the blue energy LRP LiPo 6900 battery packs. With positions 5 and 6, they were able to achieve great results amongst Europe’s best in the A-Main.
The fourth driver using the LRP SXX V2 Competition in the 2WD A-Main was the British driver Paul Bradby. He achieved a respectable 9th place in the final ranking.
It went a lot better for LRP team driver Hupo Hönigl in the 1/10 4WD competition. Positioned only marginally behind the old and new champion Jörn Neumann, the Austrian top driver took home the Vice-European Championship. The podium was completed by Darren Bloomfied. 

Congratulations to all LRP drivers! 

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LRP SXX TC spec Version 2 Brushless ESC


LRP VECTOR X20 Brushless Modified 8.5T


LRP VECTOR X20 Brushless Modified 6.5T


LRP LiPo Competition Car Line Hardcase 6900 - 50C/100C - 7.4V

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