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LRP Column / October 2014

In this column I want to talk about the recent success at the TC Euros in Spain as well as this years 1/10 competition in Great Britain. Our R&D department also didn’t sleep and came up with a tiny, fun to fly quadrocopter called H4 Gravit Nano.


LRP TCM 2015 at the starting line in January!

The LRP Touring Car Masters 2015 is coming. From January 23rd to 25th 2015, the event will be held in Rüsselsheim with some exciting changes. Registration is open from December 7th, 6pm.


LRP proudly announces the launch of the following all new products ...

Included this time are: LRP LiPo Power Pack 3800 - 7.4V - 30C - Multi Plug Hardcase & LRP LiPo Hyper Pack 4800 - 7.4V - 30C - Multi Plug Hardcase.


Ronald Völker third at IFMAR TC Worlds!

Thrilling finals in Florida! Ronald Völker and LRP finished third at the IFMAR TC World Championship 2014. His Yokomo teammate Naoto Matsukura won the title ahead of Xray / Nosram driver Bruno Coelho. A detailed report will be online within the next days.