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LRP Column / September 2014

This edition of my column is dedicated to racing. The LRP onroad team drivers were busy at the ETS season’s final. Team manager Ales Dobnikar and I supported the offroad drivers at their season’s highlight: the EP Buggy Euros.


LRP-HPI-Challenge – The final 2014!

The 15th edition of the national final of Germany’s biggest RC electric onroad series was held in Andernach and it was a great rendezvous of the best Challenge drivers again.


LRP proudly announces the launch of the following all new products ...

Included this time are: LRP Deep Blue 420 Race Boat 2.4GHz ARR, LRP Hyper Tuning Packs for Deep Blue Boats, LRP XTEC RX-Packs, LRP XTEC Micro Race Packs & LRP XTEC 1/5 RX-Packs.