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Back out with your LRP Flow!

Just in time for the holidays, LRP releases a surprise. With the v1.5 firmware your LRP Flow speed control gets a REVERSE gear. This and other new functions are ready to download FOR FREE now!


New articles in the Press Archive!

Check out all new LRP product reviews from the British Radio Control Car Racer magazine!


Völker wins the ETS season opener again!

The season to the Euro Touring Series 2014/15 took off like in the past years – with a victory of Ronald Völker in Modified. Even if it was a tough fight against three-time World Champion Marc Rheinard.


LRP Column / December 2014

The World Championship has come and gone with thrilling races for our team drivers and LRP. Let me take you back to the 1/8 Offroad and 1/10 TC Modified World Championships.