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LRP Column / November 2014

Summer is always the time of the Nationals of our two large racing series LRP-Offroad-Challenge and LRP HPI-Challenge. On the other hand, our R&D department put a lot of effort into creating a new Flow Stock Software (v5.4).


New article in the Press Archive!

Check out an all new LRP product review from the British Radio Control Car Racer magazine!


Autumn highlights in the LRP Online Shop!

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Sanwa M12 – World Championship Weeks!

The high-end transmitter from Sanwa is the worldwide No 1 choice of the top drivers. This is exemplified by the 1/8 Buggy Offroad WC, 1/12 Electric Onroad WC & TC Electric Onroad WC. All of the three champions did trust in the Sanwa M12.