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Oliver Bultynck again Belgian TC National Champion!

5 starts and 4 victories – this title defence of Oliver was more than deserved. The power for the victory again came from Blue is Better – Flow WT speed control, Vector X20 motor and CCL LiPo battery.


LRP proudly announces the launch of the following all new products ...

Included this time are: LRP S8 NXR Competition Buggy Kit, LRP H4 Gravit Nano, Sanwa Aquila 6 and Sanwa MX-V Dual-RX Set.


Olly Jefferies drives to the BRCA TC Championship with LRP

After Offroad with Bloomfield and Cragg, Blue is better is successful in Great Britain in Onroad. Olly took home the TC championship in the final with LRP Flow speed control and Sanwa.


LRP Column / August 2014

LRP Team driver Ronald Völker already secured his 4th consecutive ETS title while our Show and Event team was at the oldtimer fair “Mobile Legenden” and R&D developed the excitingly fast LRP Deep Blue 420 Race Boat.