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Setup your SXX Stock Spec and TC spec speed control!

You think speed control setup is complicated? Learn how to setup your new SXX speed control.

Setting up your speed control can be a difficult and complicated task for many drivers out there. Many people think the manual instruction is hard to read and understand, and instead many driver rely on the help from their fellow racing friends when they need to setup their speed control.
With this new SXX TC spec and SXX Stock Spec speed control setup guide you can easily learn step-by-step how to setup your speedo!



The basic setup of the SXX speed control, either the "SXX TC spec" or "SXX Stock Spec" and the transmitter is exactly the same for both speed controls. When basic start setup is finished the speed control will be programmed with a basic standard program, which is the normal factory pre-setting that works good at most tracks. From there on there is the possibility to further fine-tune your speed control to fit to your specific needs. Either you want to adjust to the track conditions, motor choice or personal drive feeling, there are multiple setting possibilities to satisfy your needs. 


Step 1
- Installation.
Correct connection of all motor-speedo-battery wires is very important. Be very careful and don´t hurry while connecting your wires. An incorrect wire sequence can damage the speed control! Therefore we recommend you to use the included colour wires for easy identification of where each wire should be connected to.

1st: Connect the speed control cable to the receiver -> into position "Channel 2".
2nd: Blue speedo wire A -> Motor pos. A
3rd: Yellow speedo wire B -> Motor pos. B 
4th: Orange speedo wire C -> Motor pos. C.
5th: Connect the sensor cable to the speed control to the motor.
6th: Red speedo wire + -> to battery plus side.
7th: Black speedo wire - -> to battery minus side.


Step 2
- Radio-/speed control setup.

1st: Setup the following basic setting on your transmitter: Throttle travel and Brake to 100%. (If your transmitter doesn´t have any of the above functions, it´s already in basic setup mode.)
2nd: Remove the motor pinion.
3rd: Switch the transmitter on and set the throttle to neutral. Then connect the speedcontrol to the battery and switch the speedcontrol ON.

Press down the "SET" button for about 3 sec. When the SET LED starts to flash you can release the SET button and you have now entered the setup mode. (SET LED flashes blue, it will flash until the complete setup is finished)
-> Leave the transmitter in neutral position and press the SET button one time. (MODE LED flashes yellow and motor beeps.)
-> Hold full throttle on the transmitter and press SET button one time. (MODE LED flashes red)
-> Hold full brake on the transmitter and press SET button one time again. (MODE LED glows red and SET LED blue). Now the complete setup procedure on you SXX speed control is ready to be used with standard pre-factory settings.

If you make any mistakes during the setup procedure, no problem, just switch OFF the speed control or disconnect the battery and start again.

Step 3:

Changing your MODE settings (power-/brake profiles etc.)

1st: Press down "MODE" button for about 3 sec and then release. Now you are in MODE 1.
2nd: Count the number of flashes of the blue SET-LED. Press SET button to increase the value by one step. The number of flashes will then also increase one step. When you have the desired setting in MODE 1, then press MODE button one time and you come to MODE 2. 
3rd: Continue with the same process in MODE 2, MODE 3 and MODE 4 with your preferred setting. When you are in MODE 4, press the MODE button one more time, which will then store all the setting changes you have made.

If you switch-off the speedcontrol before leaving MODE 4, your recent changes will not be saved in the speed controls memory.    

For learning more about which settings you should use and change for the SXX TC spec and SXX Stock Spec speed controls, please download the instruction manuals for each of the speed controls on their product pages and there you will find a detailed setting and fine-tuning guide that helps you to find out what works best for your racing.

• Link to SXX Stock Spec »HERE
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