Stcikpacks 6-cells

LRP Wild Pack 1600 - 7.2V - 6-cell NiMH Stickpack

Next generation of powerful NiMH stickpacks.
Art. no.: 71100

Improved quality and more power at the same price!  

With the new LRP stickpacks a completely new and updated budget line will be available. The new battery packs represent the next generation of powerful NiMH stickpacks featuring higher capacity, outstanding power delivery, lower internal resistance and a completely new and stylish design. The packs can be used for all R/C racing applications.  

The LRP Wild Pack 1600 is supplied pre-assembled and ready-to-use including connectors. Only single-cell shrink wrapped cells by LRP are used in each LRP stickpack. Each cell has passed quality control and durability tests before it becomes a LRP stickpack.  

Only high-quality LRP cells are used in LRP stickpacks – just BLUE IS BETTER!

  • Best value for money
  • High-Power Racing Stickpack
  • Higher cycle capability
  • Tested LRP quality, e.g. endurance-tested with over 400 continuous charge and discharge cycles — "Blue is Better"
  • Wide range of applications: cars, aircrafts and boats
  • Exclusive LRP singel cells
  • Fast charge enabled
  • Ready-to-use complete with Tamiya-style connectors
  • 2.5mm² silicone power wire