LiPo Competition

LRP LiPo Competition Car Line Hardcase 5400 - 45C - 7.4V

Blue LiPo Power for Competition Racing!
Art. no.: 79836

The VTEC Competition Car Line 5400 45C is the ultimate power package for all competition rookies. The budget LiPo of the Competition Car Line series features a rated current of 45C. It is therefore powerful and persistent enough to withstand toughest racing. In addition to the High Density Stacking (HDS) technology and a 3C charge current, the gold coated connectors guarantee lowest contact resistance.  
The 5400 45C battery is a high-performance LiPo hardcase from the internationally successful VTEC Competition Car Line.
  • 45C LiPo Power - No memory effect, extremely long lifetime
  • Gold coated connectors connectable from both sides: For lowest contact resistance
  • Integrated Sub-C bulges: Sub-C bulges at bottom side make battery fit all cell cutout chassis and standard-stickpack size battery holders
  • High Density Stacking technology: Extremely high voltage due to new electrolyte composition and special High Density Stacking (HDS) - technology
  • See-through Hardcase: Durable hardcase made of high-quality synthetic material for maximum safety
  • LRP quality approved: Tested LRP quality, e.g. endurance-tested over 400 continuous charge and discharge cycles
Weight 305g
Nominal voltage 7.4V - 2S
C-rate 45C
Style 6-cell SubC Stickpack
Dimensions 139x47x25.1mm
Capacity 5400
Balancing connector 2mm gold connector
Connector 4mm gold connector
Hardcase Hardcase
Cell bulges Yes
Application 1/10 on- and offroad cars