LiPo Competition

LRP HV VTEC SC-4600UP Fat Cobra - Factory Team 5-cells

The Power-Star by LRP
Art. no.: 77417

Outstanding performance, maximum voltage and lowest internal resistance make these cells top of the line! By providing highest power over the complete runtime these competition cells will boost your motor to new rpm dimensions!

In close development with the VTEC R&D team, LRP is now offering the latest high-performance, high-quality Sub-C cells for r/c car racing. All cells are high current capable and charged after the matching process to ensure safe storage!

HV² stands for the new revolutionary matching and push process which LRP developed to optimise the performance of today‘s Sub-C batteries. The LRP HV² System boosts the performance of modern NiMH cells!


  • Top of the line competition cell
  • Exclusive HV² treatment
  • Maximum capacity
  • Maximum voltage
  • Lowest internal resistance
  • Maximum power over the complete runtime
  • European Champion 2007