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LRP S10 Blast TC 2.4GHz RTR - 1/10 Electric Touring Car 2.4GHz RTR

The LRP S10 Blast rocks the street - now also with LRP 2.4GHz radio system!
Art. no.: 120101

With the code "TC" a real electric Touring Car joins the S10 family. The LRP S10 Blast TC makes a perfect start into your racing career possible.
The S10 Blast TC is now also available as 2.4GHz set including all RTR components and the A2-STX Pro 2.4GHz F.H.S.S. precision transmitter.
With the possibility of upgrades, the car grows with your requirements and is designed for both beginners and racers.   
The S10 Blast TC comes with the already approved components of the S10 Blast Offroad line like CVDs in front, adjustable turnbuckles, anti-roll bars front and rear, voluminous „Big- Bore“ shock absorbers, shaft drive train and even more first-class features.   
Compared to the S10 Offroad cars, the S10 Blast TC comes with a single-part chassis and without a slipper. The slipper is not needed in Onroad cars and we save extra weight without it. You can mount all commercial 1/10 touring car bodies and wheels, so that the S10 Blast TC is 100% adaptable to the needs of the 1/10 touring car scene and has all the features a real race car has.   
Many option parts are available for the S10 Blast TC. According to your requirements and wishes, you can pimp your S10 TC with the Standard-, Sport- or Pro-Tuning Sets.   
Start your racing career with the great S10 Blast TC!  
The S10 Blast TC 2.4GHz is a completely built and ready-to-run Electric 1/10 Onroad Touring Car. 

Fully adjustable onroad suspension for perfect handling
 Funky airbrush body design, pre-decalised, wind tunnel optimised body shell and high downforce wingSpecial large-volume threaded „Big Bore“ shocks with 4-hole shock pistons for maximum traction on any surface
Front and rear swaybars included
  Completely built with ball bearings
Low maintenance and efficient universal drivetrain
Battery holder prepared for the use with LiPo and NiMH batteries  Left/right turnbuckles in front and rear
Blue anodized aluminium suspension arm holder front and rear and motor mount
High-quality RTR package including high performance 540 size motor, digital LRP speed control, A2-STX Pro 2.4GHz F.H.S.S. precision transmitter, charger, longlife LRP rechargeable battery, high-performance LRP steering servoVTEC low-profile onroad tyres with special speedtread on spoke wheels with foam inserts for maximum traction
CVD driveshafts front
  Robust tub chassis for best protection of the electronic components, perfect weight distribution and easy maintenanceSteel spider differentials front and rear

Easy to understand and detailed user manual including helpful tips and tricks for beginners.
Special feature of the S10 Blast TC:
The body shell is available in the current design of reigning double European Champion Ronald Völker or in blue/white.