1/10 Offroad & Onroad

LRP S10 Blast BX 2.4GHz RTR - 1/10 Electric Buggy 2.4GHz RTR

The ultimate 1/10 buggy for everyone - now with 2.4GHz technology!
Art. no.: 120301

Sensational driving performance and agility – the all new LRP S10 Blast BX impresses with its superior handling. No matter what condition, it is the ultimate offroad-buggy. Guaranteed by the multiple high-quality components, which promise to handle the rough offroad conditions with ease and never let you down or give you any bad surprises: high-performance 540 size motor for power in any condition, extra big size “Big Bore” shocks for optimal damping and competition proven VTEC high-grip tyres of maximum traction and speed. This buggy guarantees a lot of fun for both beginners and professionals!  
Now the S10 Blast BX is available with the new, easy to use A2-STX Pro 2.4GHz transmitter as well. Due to the 2.4GHz technology and the FailSafe function, the A2-STX Pro 2.4GHz offers highest transmission security. With the combination of the S10 Blast BX and the A2-STX Pro, you get a sensational price/performance package.

The LRP S10 Blast BX has a completely new developed R/C design. With the S8 BX- and TX-models, our R&D team and product managers have years of successful racing experience and development to draw upon on during the development phase. Specially designed with all the requirements for the 1/10 electric category, the S10 Blast BX is the real deal, and features all you need for a competition car. Should you have even higher ambitions in the high-end competition R/C scene, LRP offers numerous different tuning and option parts for the S10 Blast Standard-, Sport- or Pro tuning – with this possibility everyone can adjust the S10 to his specific demands and wishes.  

As LRP RTR kit, the LRP S10 Blast BX offers driving pleasure and highest performance directly out-of-the-box. Completely mounted and ready-to-race, the fun can start directly after the unpacking. Next to the powerful 540 size motor, digital LRP speed control and strong LRP steering servo, this high-quality RTR-model includes the charger, a long-life LRP battery and the LRP A2-STX Pro 2.4GHz transmitter.  

LRP S10 Blast BX – The Perfect Start to your R/C Racing Career!

High-quality RTR package including high performance 540 size motor, digital LRP speed control, high precision LRP A2-STX Pro 2.4GHz transmitter, charger, longlife LRP rechargeable battery, high-performance LRP steering servo       Funky airbrush body design, pre-decaled, wind tunnel optimised body shell and high downforce wing

        Fully adjustable all terrain race suspension

Special large-volume "Big Bore" shocks with 4-hole shock pistons for best shock absorption on every surface
Front and rear swaybars included

Fully adjustable racing slipper for controlled acceleration on any surface and best protection of the drivetrain

Race-proven VTEC high-grip tyres with foam inserts for maximum traction and speedCompletely built with ball bearings

Low maintenance and efficient universal drivetrain

CVD driveshafts front

Robust 3-piece tub chassis for best protection of the electronic components, perfect weight distribution and easy maintenanceBattery holder prepared for the use with LiPo and NiMH batteries
Note: the RTR kit comes with 1600mAh battery pack.

Steel spider differentials front and rear

Left/right turnbuckles in front and rear

Blue anodized aluminium suspension arm holder front and rear and motor mount.
Easy to understand and detailed user manual including helpful tips and tricks for beginners.
Weight 1680g
Dimensions 420x140x248mm
Wheelbase 281mm