LRP F-1420 Cessna 182 Airplane Kit

The classic civil airplane model.
Art. no.: 210701

The Cessna® 182® is one of the classics within the wide range of civil airplane models. It shouldn’t be missing in your collection. With a wingspan of 1420mm, this semi scale flight model features great flight characteristics that can keep it up with the original. The true to scale model is equipped with the Cessna® typical tripod landing gear and propeller. This further underlines its scale model aspirations. The powerful brushless drive set is designed for 3S LiPo operation. Thus, there’s also enough motor power for basic acrobatic flight manoeuvres.

Assembled ready to fly, the Cessna® has a weight of approx. 930g. The wing of this flight model is designed in one piece and has to be screwed to the fuselage. Many features are true to the original: the classic paintwork, the wing braces and the brake shoe to name only a few. This makes the Cessna® a real eye-catcher – on the ground and in the air.


To avoid any misunderstandings when ordering spare parts for your LRP aircraft, please note the following: Our spare parts named "Kit"a are no construction kits but rather crash kits that shall replace any broken foam parts. This means, that only the foam parts of your aircraft will be included. It does NOT inlcude all the parts necessary to built the model from scratch. Please take this into consideration before ordering your spare parts from you local dealer.
Thanks for your kind understanding. Enjoy flying your LRP-aircraft!

  • Semi-scale motor model – Scale inspired model of a Cessna® 182®
  • Separately steered ailerons – Guarantee maximum flight fun
  • Battery maintenance flap – Comfortable access for battery changes, no dismounting of the wing necessary
  • Tough EPO material – Lightweight and at the same time very robust material
  • Directable bow landing gear - Better control during take-off and landing
  • Semi-scale paintwork - Completely painted motor model. No finishing needed
  • Air-foiled tail surface - Better flight and glide characteristics
  • Tough CFC main spar - Precise flight characteristics due to reduced deformation of the wings
  • Maximum motor cooling - Large air intakes for motor cooling
  • Long flight time - for maximum fun
  • Spare parts available separately
Weight 930g
Length 1030mm
Wingspan 1420mm
Steering functions Motor, elevator, rudder, aileron