LRP F-1132 Focke-Wulf FW-190 Warbird ARF

One of the most popular semi-scale warbirds.
Art. no.: 210702

The air combat fighter from the 40’s exhibits an extreme attention to detail. At the 1132mm spanning model, fully functional landing flaps and a retractable undercarriage could be realized. The Focke Wulf has been enhanced in the critical areas compared to competing products. The elevator and the retractable undercarriage are significantly stronger and the speed control with its 36 Ampere is also better suited than the usually used 30 Ampere one.  
The model is made from durable EPO foam and is very firm. Besides its first-class flight characteristics, the whole finish is also of highest quality. Scale enthusiasts and Warbird fans will fully get their money’s worth with the LRP F-1132 Focke Wulf FW-190. The paintwork is true to the original from the 40’s and as unique as the authentic flight silhouette. Due to the powerful 3S brushless drive set, every flight manoeuvre will be successful.
  The ARF-set includes:
• LRP brushless motor 900kv
• LRP 36A 2-3S BEC BL speed control
• LRP high-quality servos
  • Semi-scale Warbird - Detailed replica of the original with a fantastic flight silhouette
  • Brushless drive set - Already built-in brushless motor and 36 A speed control for power in any situation
  • Prototypical retractable undercarriage – True to original undercarriage function just like on the real plane
  • Flaps - Better landing and slow fly characteristics
  • True to original paintwork - Completely painted Warbird. No finishing needed
  • 3S optimized - Suitable for 3S LiPo batteries
  • Steered tail wheel - Better manoeuvrability at the airfield
  • Tough EPO material – Lightweight and at the same time very robust material
  • Reinforced wings and rudder – Optimised stability through spars in the wings and in the rudder
  • Pre-mounted servos - All servos are already mounted and ready to use
  • Pre-mounted Bowden cables – Bowden cables only have to be connected to the servos and the rudder horns
  • Maximum motor cooling - Large air intakes for motor cooling
  • Long flight time - for maximum fun
  • Spare parts available separately
Weight 1150g
Length 995mm
Motor Brushless 110g, 900kv
Span 1132mm
Speed control 36A
Steering functions Motor, elevator, rudder, aileron, wing flaps, undercarriage