Glow Plugs

LRP Works Team WT4 Platinum/Iridium Turbo Glow Plug

The LRP Works Team WT4 Platinum / Iridium Turbo Glow Plugs have been especially developed for competition on the highest level.
Art. no.: 35145
Availability:  Product is currently available at our warehouse in Germany.

They’re made of selected high-end materials. The WT plugs are competition glow plugs for highest demands and maximum reliability. LRP’s new WT plugs fit in every turbo burn room and optimise the motor performance.   
For example, the response characteristics of the engine are improved over the complete rpm range. In addition, the burn process is significantly optimised, resulting in reduced engine wear and longer life time of the engine and the plug.  
The manufacturing process of the new WT plugs follows the latest production technologies. This results in extremely reliable and durable plugs. Undesired engine cut-offs are a thing of the past.  
Engine size: .12 (2.11ccm) and .21 (3.49ccm), 1/8 offroad competition engines  
Nitro: 10-36%
  • Platinum / Iridium
  • Perfect response characteristics of the engine
  • No undesired engine cut-offs
  • Easy tuning
  • Longer life time
  • More power
  • Improved starting characteristics
  • Reliable idling