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LRP Nitro Engine ZR.30 X Competition

The new ZR.30 X Competition is the consequent development of the extremely successful Z.28 R Spec.3 Truggy.
Art. no.: 32815
Availability:  Product is currently available at our warehouse in Germany.

All experience with its predecessor have been completely incorporated in the development of this engine. The result: an uncompromising competition engine, specially tuned for the demands of a .30 engine! The massive ZR.30 X Competition XTEC T6 crankcase provides the engine with a high structural rigidity, with extra thick ribs, especially between the front and rear ball bearings. Also the carburetor is completely revised. The LRP XTEC PowerCarb 3 carburetor is flow optimised resulting in maximum performance and easiest tuning. Extra large surfaces and the special foot made of synthetic material with an aluminium core optimises the temperature management. This leads to a perfect cooling, an optimum heat isolation from the crankcase and a more constant running temperature. 
  • Big block nitro competition engine, specially for Truggy racing.
  • Ports timed specially for competition use
  • Massive all new XTEC T6 crankcase
  • Completely new and flow optimised LRP XTEC thermal protected PowerCarb 2 15SV-2 carburetor.
  • New CoolDown cylinder-head with extra thin ribs and additional holes for lower weight and uniform heat dissipation.
  • Extra-strong conrod specially designed for .30 sized engines
  • Extreme torque and high RPM
  • Flow optimised metal backplate
  • Blue anodised 7.5, 8.5 and 9.0mm venturi inserts
  • Standard burn room for easiest tuning
  • 7+1 ports
Cubic capacity .30 (4.92ccm)
Power 4.21HP
Max. RPM 38.300
Style Truggies / Stadium Trucks