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Nitro Engine Z.28R Pullstart Spec.3

Monster power and enjoyable driveability combined
Art. no.: 32802
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There are many big block monstertruck engines available on the market. But the least of them are as successful as the LRP Z.28R Spec.3 Pullstart. Its wins are uncounted. E.g. it finished in first place at all Monster Mania events in the last years.
With its 3.89HP and a maximum RPM of 33.500 this engine is ideally suited for monstertrucks on every kind of terrain. The throttle response and the power band are specially optimised for trick jumps and races on off road tracks. Due to its compact construction the engine can be used as a direct replacement to the .21 and .25 engines.
  • LRP .28 heavy-duty crankcase specially reinforced for tough Monstertruck racing applications
  • Reinforced conrod
  • Performance-optimised 9mm slide carburetor with improved iding
  • Optimised port timing
  • Newly designed ports
  • New CoolDown cylinder head
  • With Power Start capability
Number of ports 8+1
Exhaust Rear
Bore 18.5mm
Weight 450g
Glow Plug standart style
Cubic capacity .28 (4.59ccm)
Piston CNC machine
Crank case 28 Heavy Duty
Crank shaft 13.0mm
Cylinder sleeve ABC
Max. RPM 33500
Max.Power 3.89 PS
Carburetor 9.0 mm venturi