1/10 On-/Offroad Engines

LRP ZZ.12X Team Spec.2 Nitro Competition Engine

Endless power and high-end features – the best choice for the best drivers!
Art. no.: 31205

The LRP ZZ.12X Team Spec.2 is a true high-tech engine for onroad competition racing. It features that extra power you need to fight for the victory. Due to the use of exclusively selected materials, a real speed monster has been designed – and this with a cubic capacity of only 2.11ccm. The LRP ZZ.12X Team Spec.2 is tailor-made for the toughest competition. The highly precise piston and sleeve set with 3+1 ports, the optimised crankshaft, the low-CG engine head and the thermally protected carburettor result in a high-end engine featuring unbelievable power output at low fuel consumption.  
The LRP ZZ.12X features a very smooth performance and an extremely fast response. A constant and unbelievably powerful acceleration result in catapult-like starts. Due to endless rpm in the high-speed range, LRP’s new onroad monster has that plus in top speed. The engine head is extremely flat, flow optimised and lightweight. This results in a lower centre of gravity and therefore optimises the balance of the complete model. 
The new high-end nitro engine for 1/10 onroad racing has been adapted to the special specifications of the LRP race team. It features endless power. The LRP ZZ.12X Team Spec.2 is the ultimate power engine.
Early Racing Success!
Powered by a prototype version of the LRP ZZ.12X Team Spec.2, Teemu Leino finished third at the 2011 1/10 Nitro Onroad European Championship.
  • LRP Factory driver specification - 1:1 Specs of the LRP Factory Team - Power you can barely handle
  • 100% LRP Factory Tuned - Instant throttle response, maximum torque over the entire rpm range and high fuel efficiency
  • Low-CG 2-piece engine head - Blue anodized, extremely low engine head mounting with additional holes to lower the centre of gravity
  • 1/10 Onroad high-end competition engine
  • Thermal protected carburettor - LRP XTEC thermal protected WorksTeam carburettor 12SV-2
  • Race-proven con rod
  • 5.4 mm aluminium carburettor insert - Flow-optimised aluminum carburettor insert with 5.4 mm diameter
  • 3+1 ports
  • Worldwide race legal
RPM max. 43100
Cubic capacity .12 (2.11ccm)
Power 1.74HP
Class 1/10 Onroad